For Advertisers

Hive welcomes serious advertisers to broadcast their ads and targeted messages via the Hive network and partner business networks. As an advertiser, you will have access to thousands of companies of all sizes, and decision-makers from around the globe.

Establishing an advertiser account through basic membership is FREE, so please register now and take advantage of this opportunity to utilize the growing Hive network. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Please Note We are currently working on improving and expanding our advertiser network and AdPark tools, so please be patient while we bring the a system back online. Thank you for your support!

If you do not yet have a free Hive membership, we urge you to signup now.

Powerful Features for Advertisers

Custom Ads or Existing Products

You can create custom image/text ads from scratch or even use your existing product or service to create the ad!

Target the Right Audience

Choose the right target audience for your product or service by choosing where to advertise, business categories and more.

Control Ad Budget

You have full control over how much you spend on single ads or the entire ad campaigns. You can pause and resume ads anytime.