For Buyers

Hive welcomes legitimate buyers to submit buying requests and RFQs via the Hive network and partner business networks. As a buyer looking for products and/or services, you will have access to thousands of qualified sellers, suppliers and service providers.

Establishing a buyer account through basic membership is FREE, so please register now and take advantage of this opportunity to join Hive. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Easy steps to find the right suppliers & providers

Create a Buying Request (RFQ)

Complete a simple buyer request specifying what you are looking for and set preferred location for suppliers and/or service providers.

Get Matched

We will automatically find qualified suppliers and providers for your inquiry. Also you can reach out directly to any supplier/provider.

Suppliers & Providers Respond

Suppliers and service providers will receive your RFQ and respond to your private message box accordingly.

Review & Communicate

At this point you can review all inquiries received from suppliers & service providers and you can communicate directly with each one.

More Features for Your Business

Your Own URL & Company Profile

Your unique URL in the Hive platform to showcase your company profile.

Free SEO in Google & Bing

Free indexing and optimization of your content to rank higher in Major Search Engines.

Productivity and Tracking Dashboards

You have access to various rich dashboards showing stats and company activity.

Access Events & News

You will receive important events and news from Hive and other business networks.

Private & Secure Messaging

Our messaging system allows you to securely send messages to companies and organizations.

Reports & Business Intelligence

Access a world of information about your visitors, customers and your industry.

Allow Staff Access With Roles

Create unlimited number of users for your organization with role-based access.

Business Credibility Tools

Add more credibility to your company profile via Certifications and Professional References.

Access to Multiple Business Networks

You can access other Hive business networks such as chambers, BOTs and Associations.

Access to Contracting Opportunities

You have access ot various contracts and tender opportunities locally and globally.

Access to Franchising Opportunities

Publish your own franchise deal or look for franchising opportunities from others.

Access to Local Sponsors in Select Regions

The SponsorMatch program connects you with sponsors in regions where sponsorship is required.