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Make Your Mark

Company Profile & Unique URL

Showcase Your Business

Products & Services Showcase

More Business Opportunities

Contract & Tender Opportunities

Be in the Know

Reports & Business Intelligence


Social: share, follow, connect

Get More Traffic

Free SEO (Google & Bing)

B2B, B2C Marketplace

Buy, Sell, Browse

Start a New Venture

Franchising Opportunities

Make Connections

Groups & Networking

Search The Network

Advanced Search Engine

Guidance & Technical Support

Members receive technical support and guidance on how to use the various features of the Hive platform.

Evolving Advanced Technology

Our members receive great benefits as a result of our obsession with technology that helps your business grow and stay ahead.

Promoting Credibility & Trust

We care a great deal about maintaining a credible and trustworthy network for our members. Therefore, we have various measures to ensure that members are legitimate businesses.

More Features for Your Business

Your Own URL & Company Profile

Your unique URL in the Hive platform to showcase your company profile.

Free SEO in Google & Bing

Free indexing and optimization of your content to rank higher in Major Search Engines.

Productivity and Tracking Dashboards

You have access to various rich dashboards showing stats and company activity.

Access Events & News

You will receive important events and news from Hive and other business networks.

Private & Secure Messaging

Our messaging system allows you to securely send messages to companies and organizations.

Reports & Business Intelligence

Access a world of information about your visitors, customers and your industry.

Allow Staff Access With Roles

Create unlimited number of users for your organization with role-based access.

Business Credibility Tools

Add more credibility to your company profile via Certifications and Professional References.

Access to Multiple Business Networks

You can access other Hive business networks such as chambers, BOTs and Associations.

Access to Contracting Opportunities

You have access ot various contracts and tender opportunities locally and globally.

Access to Franchising Opportunities

Publish your own franchise deal or look for franchising opportunities from others.

Access to Local Sponsors in Select Regions

The SponsorMatch program connects you with sponsors in regions where sponsorship is required.

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