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JCCI launches New Sectoral Councils System

Posted: Jun 15, 2020

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Jeddah Chamber of Commerce Building

Jeddah Chamber has announced that on 21 June 2020 it will begin accepting nominations for the sectoral councils launched earlier this month. The sectoral councils will be responsible for representing the business community and adopting the vision of the private sector in Jeddah towards actively stimulating the growth of targeted strategic sectors and driving the success of their economic activities in fulfillment of the objectives of Vision 2030.


At midnight of the coming Sunday, the nomination portal for the sectoral councils will be available, enabling candidates to submit their applications with supporting documents. A team will be responsible for responding to candidates’ inquiries and facilitating the registration process on a daily basis throughout the nomination period.


As part of its efforts to ensure the success of the new sectoral councils system, the Chamber organized virtual meetings on 14 and 16 June 2020, followed by another meeting on 18 June 2020 to notify candidates of all the aspects of the nomination process as well as its terms, conditions, and required documents. The sectoral councils’ portal also includes comprehensive information about the nomination process.


The Chamber had held a virtual press conference on 10 June, during which it revealed the objectives of the sectoral councils system, which include unifying the directives of the councils regarding the development goals of strategic sectors, facilitating effective communication between sectoral councils and the Chamber to advance Jeddah’s local economy, and gain a better understanding of the developments and challenges facing the business sector to help tackle them.


The new system is expected to function keeping up with current developments in the Saudi economy and enable the Chamber to face new challenges and play a pivotal role in achieving the desired objectives by searching for solutions, submitting proposals, and participating in actions that can help advance the Kingdom’s economy.


Chairmen and members of the sectoral councils system will be selected based on competence and the expertise required to actively contribute to the development of targeted strategic sectors. The selection of the leadership is a key area of focus for the Chamber as one of the most important elements of the system’s success lies in its ability to attract distinguished, competent, and experienced individuals, whether owners or representatives of major local or international companies, entrepreneurs, or owners of SMEs in the targeted strategic sectors. The selection process will be carried out in accordance with a specific mechanism provided on the website.