Our Mission

As a global business network our mission is clear and can be summarized in the following practical points:

Help Grow Your Small-Medium Size Business

Using technology, our expertise and research we aim to help your business grow via:

  • Providing you with free access to our powerful platform (chamber membership).
  • Connecting you with other businesses locally, regionally and globally.
  • Bringing new business opportunities to you based on your profile.

Increase Trust and Credibility in our Business Network and Transactions

We have designed our technology platform knowing it must offer various methods of providing "more trust" when conducting business online and across borders.

  • Credible Networks: we connect with Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trades and Business Associations - all offering credible member companies to connect with other members of Hive.
  • Basic Validation: we have automated and manual processes in place to ensure that our members are legitimate businesses.
  • Our platform offers a set of features such as certifications, affiliations and professional references to promote credibility in the network.